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Humboldt Seed Organization

Humboldt Seed Organization

We are a northern Californian cannabis seed bank located in one of the most important cannabis-producing regions in the USA: Humboldt County. Quality is our highest priority and, right from Emerald Triangle, we bring you the best marijuana seeds ever to be created.

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Sapphire OG - Humboldt Seed Organization

Sapphire OG

Incredibly well preserved outstanding genetics. A splendid and sturdy plant noted for its colorful appearance as well as for its fine flavor and aroma.

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Black D.O.G - Humboldt Seed Organization

Black D.O.G.

A hardy, energy-oozing strain. A superb marijuana plant with great vigor, incredible quality and tropical traits.

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Feminized Seeds

The cannabis seed bank Humboldt Seed Organization showcases a wide variety of feminized seeds derived from Californian genetics noted for their excellence, heavy-yield, strong effect, and genuine flavours and aromas. We have selected the very best ones for you to enjoy. Don’t miss this opportunity!

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Autoflowering Seeds

Humboldt Seed Organization has developed a collection of autoflowering seeds with elite Californian genetics: a set of innovative seeds that preserve each and every of the old-school traits, providing everyone with the chance to experience amazing sensations regardless of their region or their experience. Enjoy the most exclusive Californian gardens!

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Regular Seeds

Humboldt Seed Organization regular seeds can make you travel to the 60’s California. Our seed bank has succeeded in keeping intact all the excellent traits (potency, flavor, aroma and beauty) of some of the best cannabis seeds ever to be created. Now, we are proud to put them all at your disposal. Don’t wait any longer!

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About Humboldt

History of cultivation in Humboldt

With love from California

Humboldt has a long and rich history of cultivating cannabis. During the late 60’s many people started to migrate north from San Francisco into the deep untouched landscape of the Pacific Northwest. These “free spirited hippies” seeking an alternative and more sustainable means of existence created a “Back to the Land” movement. Living with fewer amenities, minimal material possessions and very distant from the populous California, they cultivated an ideology that would eventually transform an entire region.

Filled with a deeper connection to the Earth, this seclusion provided a safe and explorative space for many to participate in the evolution of modern cannabis. Renown for its quality during more than 40 years, the region has pushed the boundaries of what is possible from both cultivation and regulation for the state and nationwide. Humboldt County has become a place with the highest concentration of progressive organic gardening techniques carried out by some of the best growers and elite genetics in the world today.

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Humboldt Area

The miners of the gold rush in the nineteenth century came and bought land, with the classic American desire to become millionaires at any price. Most did not make it, and the population declined  when gold ended.

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Our mission

Humboldt Seed Organization from Northern California is comprised of a group of breeders possessing some of the best genetics on the planet. Ranging from 15 to 25 years of experience, collectively we have one of the largest libraries in the modern day cannabis community.

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